The Value of AAUW Membership

What do we get from our dues?

Membership dues provide to each of us individually, to our branches, and to all women and girls numerous tangible and intangible benefits. Some of the specific things our dues provide are listed below.

AAUW states and branches also provide programs and services focusing on their local needs. At the Association level, dues revenue is supplemented by several other revenue sources – contributions, AAUW Leadership and Training Institute Funds, affinity programs, conferences, sponsorships, and investment earnings – to help further enhance the value of your membership. Some of our intangible benefits are priceless and can’t be measured in terms of dues paid – such as leadership development, networking with like-minded professional women, and mentoring.

At the National Level:

    • National media outreach and visibility on our issues
    • AAUW website (
    • Listservs for national and state AAUW member leaders
    • A national communication link among branches and members allowing us to share information and resources, and to learn from each other
    • Advocacy on Capitol Hill on issues affecting equity for women and girls
    • AAUW Capitol Hill Lobby Corps, which makes over 1200 visits each session to Capitol Hill offices
    • AAUW Voter Education Campaign tools and resources such as voter guide templates, how-to kits, training modules, and press releases
    • Support for and participation in coalitions such as the National Council of Women’s Organizations and the Leadership Conference for Civil Rights
    • Development of and technical support for grassroots organizing and lobbying efforts in branches and states
    • National conferences such as the AAUW Convention, Leadership Conference, and the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders
    • Resources for branch and state programs such as Sister to Sister Summits and Transitions Conferences
    • International involvement in women’s equity issues, such as Imagining Ourselves, One Shared World, and United Nations programs
    • Membership recruitment materials
    • National database to track membership
    • AAUW helpline
    • AAUW Keys to the Future: A Member-Get-A-Member campaign with resources and incentives, and awards for participation
    • Give-a-Grad-a-Gift Program, which allows members to give recent college graduates a free one-year Member-at-Large membership in AAUW
    • Shape the Future, which allows branches and states to offer discounts on membership to new recruits
    • The College/University Partnership Program, which allows us to connect with campuses across the country
    • A dedicated staff and leadership team who do the work to ensure that our organization functions efficiently and supports our efforts on behalf of women and girls

At the Branch and State Level:

    • Information and resources for ensuring equity for women and girls, such as resources for Sister-to-Sister Summits and Transitions Conferences
    • Leadership training materials, including Toolkits for specific branch officers, Voter Education tools and resources such as voter guide templates, how-to kits
    • Training modules and press releases to use in your communities
    • AAUW chatrooms on the AAUW website where you can conduct meetings electronically
    • Extensive online resources for branch and state officers to perform the functions of their positions
    • Information and resources for recruitment and retention of members at the branch level
    • Leader-to-Leader program providing national leadership to mentor state leaders and present keynote addresses and workshops at state conventions
    • Regional Directors who can serve as a resource and attend state meetings
    • Providing Public Policy Impact Grants
    • Contact information for Member-at-Large and Give-a-Grad-a-Gift recipients, who may be interested in becoming involved in local activities or joining a local branch

At the Individual Level:

    • Subscription to AAUW Outlook and access to Action Alert, by paid subscription or free for members to download
    • Access to Member Center on the AAUW website
    • Ability to give recent college graduates a free one year Member-at-Large membership through the Give-a-Grad-a-Gift program
    • Member benefits such as access to insurance packages designed to meet women’s needs and discounts on magazine subscriptions
    • Access to selected free Educational Foundation research publications
    • Discounts on AAUW merchandise
    • Ability to earn incentives and awards through participation in the AAUW Keys to the Future: A Member-Get-A-Member campaign
    • Leadership development opportunities
    • Toolkits for the following areas: Program, Membership, Diversity, and Finance Officer – all designed to help make AAUW jobs easier
    • Part of a network of over 100,000 educated women nationwide working to ensure education and equity for all women and girls

More importantly, our dues ensure that AAUW continues to be the leading advocate for education and equity for women and girls.