Board of Directors

L to R: Nancy Kohrs, Parliamentarian; Bobbi Karnes, Publicity; Andrea Henne, Recording Secretary; Patricia Johnson-Khalifa, Programs; Pat Moran, Treasurer; Ginny Spence, Membership; Rebecca Hill, Co-President
Not in picture: Michele McNeil, Co-President, Karen Vanderwerken, AAUW Fund; Barbara Newton, Tech Trek; Norelynn Pion-Goureau, Public Policy; Sharon Corbett-Parry, Marketing

Executive Board:

Co-Presidents:                                Michele McNeil
                                                           Rebecca Hill

Secretary:                                        Andrea Henne

Treasurer:                                        Pat Moran


Membership:                                   Ginny Spence

Programs:                                         Patricia Johnson-Khalifa

Publicity:                                           Bobbi Karnes        

Public Policy:                                    Norelynn Pion-Goureau

College Scholarships & IBC Rep: Barbara Bladen

Tech Trek:                                         Barbara Newton

AAUW Fund:                                     Karen Vanderwerken

Marketing:                                        Sharon Corbett-Parry

Appointed Positions (non-voting):

Parliamentarian:                            Nancy Lombardi Kohrs

College Scholarships/IBC Rep:    Barbara Bladen

College/University Liason:           Kelly Allen

Webmaster:                                     Betty Reed

Newsletter Editor:                         Lorraine Pfahl

Mbrship Treasurer/Directory:    Jess Gadsby                                      

Hospitality:                                     Arleen vonSchlieder
                                                           Karen Dorney

  • Get involved!

    Refer to the Branch Calendar for Board Meeting dates.  Board meetings are open to everyone.  All AAUW Del Mar-Leucadia Branch members are welcome to apply for a position on the board.