Past General Meetings

October General Meeting

Mary Thompson (left) and Martha Cox from the League of Women Voters called upon us to become more active in our Democratic process.  It was inspiring to hear them talk about exploring opposing views, engaging in collaborative politics, compromising, and especially cultivating hope.




September Branch Meeting

Our Leadership for Women, by Women program attendance exceeding our expectations, with a full house of energetic AAUW members and guests!  Among the highlights were presentations by Cal State San Marcos student Maria Pascual, who spoke about her experiences at the 2017 NCCWSL (National Conference for College Women Student Leaders) and the impact that it made on her leadership skills and her vision for the future.




Continuing the theme, Leadership for Women, by Women, our branch past president Linda Quinby presented highlights from the AAUW National Convention and kept the audience enthralled with her stories about meeting Supreme Court Justice Sotomayer, PBS News anchor, Judy Woodruff, and participating in Capitol Hill Lobby Day and attending workshops on leadership development, research, and the latest topics in women’s issues.





L to R: Rebecca Hill, Karen Vanderwerken, Karen Dorney, Fran Miller, Arleen von Schlieder, Sharon Corbett-Parry, Norelynn Pion-Goureau, and Bobbi Karnes



June Installation meeting

After having a lovely brunch at the Green Dragon, we elected our 2017-2018 Board. We also heard from a scholarship recipient Maylin Caldwell who is attending Cal State San Marcos and is majoring in biology.



May Tech Trek meeting

L to R: Anjana Shriram, Lila Denning, Natalie Hernandez, Angelica Atempa, Solano Espino, Rosalind Snider, Jillian Aasand, Michelle Ripol, Sonja Rodin MISSING: Lorelei Bell

Our annual Tech Trek meeting was awesome and inspiring.  Besides meeting the girls who will be going to camp this summer, we heard from some of last years campers as well as Maya Kota, Romy Biegel, Maylin Caldwell, and Uju Nwizu.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house after hearing what some of these ladies have gone through in pursuing their educations.

March Joint Meeting with AAUW COV Celebrating Womens’ History Month

We enjoyed a lovely Victorian luncheon and fashion show presented by the Womens’ Museum of California. Members had fun rummaging into their closets so they could wear vintage hats.


February Meeting – Book Discussion “Somebody’s Daughter”

We gathered into groups to discuss this important topic of human trafficking and how San Diego is one of the most active child sex trafficking areas in the United States.






January Meeting – Besos de Coco Concert

The all-women Latin jazz trio, Besos de Coco, performed for our AAUW Funds event on Sunday January 15th.  They thoroughly entertained the audience with a variety of percussion instruments, including tap dancing (!), as well as a string bass, guitar and lovely vocals.  Thank you Besos de Coco!


Edith Fine, childrens’ author


November Meeting – Let’s Promote Diversity

Edith Fine, children’s author, talked about diversity in childrens’ books, and how they have evolved from Dick and Jane in the 1950’s. Edith has prepared some diversity resources which can be located here.